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Defy-ID Glasgow

Next meeting Tuesday, 8th February in the Carnarvan pub at 7:30pm. Its on the corner of
Carnarvan St, on St Georges Rd between Charing Cross and St Georges Cross.
Phone 07952 969102 if you can't find us.

Defy-ID Glasgow is a group of individuals who came together after we heard that ID card trials were being held in Glasgow. We have been producing leaflets to spread awareness of the issue, and have already engaged in our first action, the disruption of a press conference launching the trial.

This issue is moving quickly, as the government tries not only to reduce our civil liberties by linking the unique identifier on the planned ID card to a spider's web of databases containing our tax, criminal, health, employment and other records, but to charge us each £35 for the privilege. That's before the £3.1bn to set up the system and the as-yet-uncosted amount of our money that will be spent buying all the equipment for the police, NHS, jobcentre etc to be able to check the cards.

The Register has an excellent in-depth guide to the UK ID Card proposal.

Defy-ID Glasgow members do a variety of things, from actions like the one at the press conference through to simpler things like writing leaflets and researching the issue, with every member choosing their own level of participation (you don't have to do anything you don't want to, and you won't be pressured to do anything) and every member having equal rights in the decision-making process. If you want to talk to people with in-depth knowledge of the issue, or if you'd like to help out in any way at all, you'll be welcome at our meetings.

Everyone is welcome to these meetings, which are usually taken up with sharing information, discussion and planning actions. The more people involved with this project, the more likely we will be able to stop the State's further intrusion into people's lives.

There is also an open email list which you can subscribe to by sending a blank email to